AITA for making this? A public dataset of Reddit posts about moral dilemmas


Nice. Would be good to mention that the data file itself will not be checked in to git, but rather by dvc, so it is present in .gitignore.


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Hi [deleted user], have you imported the dataset to your local machine using dvc get? As in:

$ dvc get aita_clean.csv

I can’t tell if you’ve done this step yet. If you didn’t, then the file won’t be in your local workspace and pandas won’t be able to import it. After doing dvc get, you should be able to open Python and run

df = pd.read_csv("aita_clean.csv")

Cool, please be in touch with any results. I always like hearing about them :slight_smile:

Also, you might be interested in the DVC python API- you can do to load the file from DVC storage directly to your Python environment,by%20DVC%20or%20by%20Git.